Cool Air Supply - Deerfield Beach, FL

A/C Repair and Air Conditioning servicing Deerfield Beach, Florida 

In the sweltering south of Florida a broken air conditioner is one of the worst household emergencies that a home owner can be faced with.

At Cool Air Supply we are based in the city of Coral Springs but our experienced technicians and repair men cover customers within a 50-mile radius including the community of Deerfield Beach, a coastal city where the temperatures routinely exceed 100 degrees in the high summer.

The heat makes it essential for everyone – whether they are at work or in the house – should have a fully functioning air conditioning system. The need for proper ventilation is not a luxury in Deerfield, it is a necessary fact of life.

We offer a full range of HVAC services from the installation, maintenance and repair of a/c systems through to air duct cleaning, and the repair and maintenance of heating units. We can also provide customers with year to year maintenance contracts for all installations.

Our technicians repair all makes and brands of air conditioners and we stock a large variety of repair equipment. If we do not have the parts to hand we will generally be able to get them the following day.

The company’s slogan is ‘we give fair honest work for a fair honest price’. It reflects the fact we pride ourselves on providing our customers with honesty and a fair, competitive pricing structure. We work Monday thru Saturday and are on call 24/7 to answer emergencies. On Sundays we take emergency calls only.

So if the Deerfield Beach heat and humidity is exacerbated by a broken down air conditioning system then waste no time in calling Cool Air Supply here at (954) 526-2578. We will provide a professional and speedy service and have your ventilation system up and running quickly.

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