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Do you operate a business from the BROWARD COUNTY area of Florida? Your commercial premises, no matter what size, will need the services of the best air conditioning company in the county and surrounding areas to make sure the building is comfortable in all weathers. Many of the customers here at Cool Air Conditioning Systems are commercial clients with large staff numbers. It is imperative that they maintain a pleasant working environment throughout the year. The heat and humidity of a Florida summer can be unbearable unless the a/c system is fully functional. Our team handles everything including air conditioning repairs and be servicing, a/c installation, heater repairs, and air duct cleaning. All these services are geared towards ensuring your building has excellent indoor air quality (IAQ) and is a relaxing and comfortable place to work. We stock a wide variety of the most up-to-date tools and equipment so our technicians can complete every job. We have a team of fully qualified and highly experienced technicians who are on hand to deal with emergencies as well as any running repairs.

Keeping your home cool or heated and properly ventilated is an absolute must in Florida, especially in the summer when temperatures regularly exceed 100F. A broken down a/c system can become a household emergency, and you need the number of a reliable an experienced air conditioning service. The team at Cool Air Conditioning Systems operates a 24/7 emergency response if you’re a/c conks out (for a small fee). We will get to your property as soon as possible, and sort the problem quickly and efficiently. And don’t worry. Our service won’t break your budget, we pride ourselves on operating a fair and affordable pricing structure. Package Systems, Split systems, heating, cooling, sales, service, installation, and maintenance. All makes serviced! Free Estimates on new systems

No Nonsense Duct cleaning. We offer a fair honest price up front with no hidden charges. We're not the cheapest, but you get what you pay for. Choose quality! Air duct cleaning has become a key part of the business here at Cool Air Supply and we use the latest in cleaning technology to clear the dirt, dust, and moisture that is trapped in the ducts. We see duct cleaning as an important way of controlling the balance of indoor air quality (IAG). CALL TODAY FOR A FREE ESTIMATE

It may be time to replace your old inefficient air conditioning system. If you have moved into a property and want a new air conditioning system, call us at (954) 461-0131 and we will carry out the installation work for you. Our professional technicians have all the experience in the world and carry the most up-to-date equipment to enable them to get the work done.

Are you looking to bring your home into 2020 and beyond? Consider a Google Nest, EcoBee, or other smart thermostat for your home/office. The energy savings speaks for itself. Keep your money in your pocket!

When it comes to indoor air quality there's a lot of options. The REME HALO is proven to reduce allergens, mold, bacteria, and viruses like COVID as well as smoke, odors, and VOCs. We offer a variety of IAQ products like Guardian Air, iWave, UV Lights, and many others. Check out the REME HALO LED https://www.rgf.com/im4iaq/

Maintenance & Service Agreements Weather you would like to setup the manufacturers recommended 2x visits per year or every month, Cool Air Conditioning Systems has you covered. Customer filters are no problem. Maintenances receive a complete diagnostic of the system for proper operation and efficiency. We check all mechanical and electrical components, coils, motors, filter changes, drain line flush & treatment. Setup a maintenance plan by calling TODAY